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Hey I'm Dennis, an avid fisherman, boater [and who isn't ??], and the new president of 'Boat Things'.

We are a well known 'Trolling Motor Service Center ' previously located in Westerville Ohio for over 20 years.
Our New Location is in Columbus Ohio close to I71 on Morse Rd. [view map]

Providing service on power chairs, mobility scooters, and low voltage powered devices is a natural for Boat Things. Battery powered mobility devices share many similar electromechanical characteristics as a trolling motor. Both Trolling Motors and Power Chair motors work very hard and they do need to be maintained and~or reconditioned over time. Your batteries will last longer, the motor will run cooler, be more responsive and have more power after reconditioning.

  Whether it's a Trolling Motor, Power Chair, Mobility Scooter, or some other low voltage motorized device, Boat Things will service it properly, use quality parts, and will do it at a fair price. We all depend on these devices to work properly and Boat Things will help make that happen for you.


Central Ohio is my home. I've been wearing out all the Central Ohio lakes for over 30 years, and Lake Erie when the time is right. There has been many boats in my past, big, small, fast and slow, but my favorite has always been my fishin rig. Through it all, I learned a great deal about fixing the blown-up out-board, building v-8 engines for the IO, re-working lower units, nose-cones, expensive props, and tons more fun stuff about boats. Anyway, boating has been a weekend adventure and lots more for as long as I can remember. Being on the water or close to the water is even better with a
FISH ON ~~~ grab the net!


Years ago, when my trolling motor broke[on a Saturday mourning], I had to fix it immediately. I fixed my own, and my buddies, and his friends, and it slowly grew, one fisherman, one trolling motor at a time. After enough people call you for one particular item or service, it's time to start a small company. I would never have guessed 20 years ago that I would have a trolling motor service center. When I had the opportunity to buyout 'Boat Things' which had a solid 20 year business history in Westerville Ohio, I just had to do it.


Let me know when your Trolling Motor is in need.
Give me a call, I will get you going again. [Those fish won't wait forever.]

Batteries and on-the-water time last longer with a new or Boat Things Reconditioned Trolling Motor.

Set yourself up to FISH !     Get that Big Troll Today !  

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